What Is Percale Bedding?

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Percale bedding is often considered a luxury bedding material. Its high-quality and soft touch are just a few of the many reasons why percale bedding has now become popular, and often referred to as a luxury fabric. Yet, what exactly is percale? Read this blog to find out more about what percale cotton is and why it has become synonymous with the term ‘luxury’. 

What Is Percale? 

The term ‘percale’ refers to a type of weave. The fabric is tightly-woven in a cross-cross pattern to create a firm, yet comfortable, and durable sheet. Percale bedding sheets are often described as crisp, soft and breathable. 

Percale bedding is mostly made from cotton. However, the weave can also be made from other materials like polyester, other synthetic fabrics and even rayon from bamboo. 

Features of Percale Bedding

When shopping for percale bedding, there are some key features to look out for. These include the material of the percale, what the weave is made from, as well as the thread count. 

  • Material: Cotton percale is often the best choice. Bedding, like pillows and duvet covers, made from long-staple cotton fibres are a good choice. This will make the percale bedding feel soft and luxurious. 
  • Thread Count: Percale bedding should have a minimum thread count of 180. The thread count refers to how many vertical and horizontal yarns there are in a square inch of the bedding fabric. High-quality percale usually has a thread count of between 200 to 400. 

While higher thread counts of percale cotton bedding will likely make the cost higher, it is worth investing in. They keep you cool, comfortable and last much longer than typical materials used for cheaper bedding sets.  

What Does Percale Bedding Feel Like?

Percale bedding that has a lower thread count and is made with short staple cotton will feel less luxurious and a lot denser when compared to more luxurious percale bedding. By opting for percale bedding with a higher thread count, and made from long cotton fibres, you’ll be guaranteed a smooth, yet crisp, bedding set. 

One of the great things about percale bedding is how it feels. The feel of percale almost resembles a good-quality dinner shirt - hence, great for hot and cold nights, keeping your body temperature regulated while providing the utmost comfort and smooth touch. 

What Is the Difference Between Percale and Cotton Sheets?


Cotton is a type of material and is sourced from cotton plants. Cotton comes in a variety of types, such as Egyptian cotton or even pima cotton. Bedding can be made entirely from cotton, and is often a popular choice for its durability. 

Percale, meanwhile, is a type of weave. Percale bedding can be made from several materials, such as cotton, and refers to the criss-cross pattern used for the sheet. Therefore, percale can be a type of cotton weave. 


Is Percale Bedding Worth It? 

Percale bedding, especially cotton percale, is worth it for its various qualities. There are several benefits to investing in percale bedding, with one being its durability. Below, we’ve compiled a short list of reasons as to why percale bedding is considered a luxury bedding, and therefore, worth the money. 

Benefits to Percale Bedding:

  • Natural Material - Great for those with allergies. 
  • Smooth and Crisp to the Touch - Providing a luxurious yet comfortable sleeping experience. 
  • Moisture-Wicking - Great for those that get hot during their sleep. 
  • Resistant to Pulling - A good choice for those with young ones and even pets, and will last longer than other bedding types. 
  • Breathable - Perfect for hot summer nights. 
  • Durable - Percale weave provides a long lasting bedding, therefore cost-effective long-term. 
  • Perfect All-Year - Percale’s qualities mean it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Though the price of percale is higher than other bedding materials, such as polyester, it is worth it long-term. It’s high-quality fabric and range of benefits means you will be left having a good night’s sleep, no matter the weather. 

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