Autumn Trends 2022

Autumn Trends 2022

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The summer has officially come to an end and Autumn has begun. Along with a new season come new trends and the urge for a small home redecor to get into the season spirit. 

Which colours are going to pop your living room? What style will dominate the interiors of your home? If you’re looking for the answers and the latest interior design trends for 2022, you’ll find them here. 

This Autumn 2022, comfort and sustainability are key.


Neutral and pops of colour

Our home is our safe place, where we snuggle up at the end of a long day to unwind and relax. For this reason, neutral colours have become a timeless and versatile choice, since they help create calming spaces to retreat to in our busy modern world. 

The trend colours of this autumn are: white, beige, stone grey or light wood tone. These colours can help us feel the comfort and security we are looking for in our own home. To add some life to the room, you can include pops of colours here and there such as, green, ocher and black which are very popular this autumn. 


The new minimalism 

Another year round, minimalism is yet again a trend. Rooms where you can breathe serenity, with furniture with straight lines and smooth fronts. 

However, a new concept within this decorative genre has appeared; the new warm minimalism, a formula that adapts to the new times and follows the trend of sustainability, with organic forms, natural materials and technological solutions to achieve homes adapted to the 21st century, in which comfort prevails.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

If you are going to renew your furniture or decoration accessories this 2022, bet on natural fibres and materials. Not only are they beautiful but they are also environmentally friendly. 

These types of materials are already essential in our lives, and are highly demanded in recent years. Wood, natural fibres, cork or bamboo are organic materials that will give your home a unique personality, while generating less environmental impact. Opt for furniture with these materials, you won't regret it!

Curvy furniture

Curvy furniture is among the most desired furniture for homes this season. This  rounded shaped furniture is as sophisticated as it is ergonomic, and has become a key piece in many spaces. Curvilinear sofas, for example, are one of the trends for the living room in 2022, as are the curvy armchairs for the bedrooms.

Trends rule, and although you don't have to follow them to the letter, it's always good to take a look at what we won't stop seeing this season. The favourite decoration styles for Autumn 2022 are minimalist and comfortable, characterised by clear and clean lines, with elements and materials capable of evoking nature.

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