How to Become a Sleep Coach

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Sleep is essential for your body, research has shown that your mind and body cannot function properly without sufficient sleep. For this reason and several others,, many people are constantly looking for ways that they can get more sleep whilst staying productive during the day. 

This is where a sleep coach comes in.

Sleep coaches help people get better sleep and aim to support people in having sleeping habits that will make them feel great. You may already have tried getting a new mattress and even a new Hungarian goose down duvet, but sometimes, you just find it hard to get to sleep and to have restful night and this is one of the key areas a sleep coach can assist you with.

What Is A Sleep Coach?

A sleep coach is someone that advises their clients on sleeping habits and their bedroom environments. 

They do this to help their clients get better sleep so that they can feel rejuvenated and gain the benefits that sleep gives to the everyday person. This will include everything from the type of bedding you use, to the environment you sleep in and more.

Sleep coaches can work with clients, over the phone or in-person and often will go to the clients house in order to assess their living and sleeping environment. 

This allows them to make sure it is in the best condition conducive to good sleep! 

Sleep coaches will often work with parents or families to help children who are struggling to sleep at night, but they are still able to work with adults who need advice as well. 

Sleep coaches will devise a strategy to how they can help clients get the most out of their sleep. 

This plan could last weeks or months but the aim is to allow the person to get a better night’s sleep and gain the benefits they might not have had otherwise.

Some classic methods and techniques employed by sleep coaches include:

  • Improving Your Sleeping Environment: This includes getting better sheets, duvets and pillows as well as keeping light out so that your bedroom is more conducive to sleep
  • Improving Nutrition: Sleep coaches will look at what you are eating and drinking (e.g. caffeine) to see if it is affecting your sleep 
  • Keeping a Diary: A common technique used by sleep coaches will be to make the person keep a diary of their sleep, it helps both the person and the coach see where improvements need to be made

How Do I Become A Sleep Coach?

So how can you become a sleep coach yourself? If you believe that becoming a sleep coach could be right for you then there are a few ways that you can become one. 

It is important to note before you begin your journey, that nearly all sleep coaches are self-employed and you will need to be a great communicator and people person to be successful in this job. 

In order to become a licensed sleep coach you will need to get a certificate from an accredited organisation.

There are a few ways you can get a sleeping coach certificate in the UK including with the London School of Childcare Studies, Reed.co.uk and Sleep Nanny.

These places offer both online and in-person courses.

At the London School of Childcare Studies you will need to take part in lectures and assignments and although it focuses mostly on children's sleep, you will still be an accredited sleep coach after completing the course.  

This training will help you understand your role as a sleep coach and teach you the fundamentals about sleep and give you the knowledge to help others get more sleep. 

After finishing your training and gaining your certificate, you will be a certified sleep coach. 

The next step is to go out and find your first clients. 

As sleep coaching becomes more popular than ever, with sleep often describe as vital for your mental health, more people are beginning to look for people or ways to help their sleep. 

Sleep coaches are beginning to become an important part of our society, and you are just a course away from becoming a sleep coach yourself!

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