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Undeniably, we all spend around 1/3rd of our daily lives “under the sheets”. Therefore, we better make our sleeping and bedding time in general more cosy, healthy, and comfortable. Besides a good quality mattress, pillows and bedsheets which are totally essential, a duvet will help keep us nice and warm throughout the cold season.

Do you know how to buy a duvet? Besides price, quality of filling materials and durability, there is also another important factor to consider when buying a duvet--it’s Tog rating. We are about to explain what this is in the rest of the article.

Keep in mind that filled bedding products come with a wide range of filling materials and each has its own unique properties that may affect its warmth level. But the good news is, it is possible to know the level of warmth each duvet product has by checking its Tog rating.

So what are Duvet TOG Ratings?

Tog is a global measuring unit that is widely used to specify the level of warmness a duvet or its filling material has, regardless of its weight. It actually measures the duvet’s ability to trap air inside and regulate temperature. The higher its Tog level, the warmer the duvet is. The thing is, you should not consider the tog rating of a duvet alone as there are other factors that come into play here: the mean temperature of the bedroom and level of heat during the winter season can also affect how warm or cold you feel in bed.

Here is a quick outline of the most appropriate duvet Tog for each season:

  • 1.0- This is the lowest Tog rating which means it provides minimal to none heat and support but its breathability and comfort make it an ideal choice for hot summer nights.
  • 4.5 Tog. This is the second lowest Tog level and therefore it’s ideal for use during the hot summer season.
  • 7.5 Tog. This is a fair enough rating that provides light warmth and is especially useful during springtime.
  • 10.5 Tog. A medium Tog level like this is ideal for use all year round and especially during the mild seasons of Autumn and Spring where there is no intense heat or cold.
  • 13.5 Tog. The highest Tog level, with the highest warm yield, specially crafted to offer extra loft and warmth during the colder winter months.

What else should I consider when buying a duvet of a specific TOG rating?

Keep in mind that the above is only a general guide when choosing the best TOG rating for your needs. The size of the bed and the size of the person that lies on it are also important to consider when choosing an ideal Tog rating. For instance, small babies and children up to 6 years should be covered ideally with a duvet that has a Tog rating of around 4.5 as anything more than may be too bulky and uncomfortable for these ages. In some cases, though, if you live an extra cold home with no stable internal heat, you may cover your kids’ bedding with a duvet that has a tog rating of 7.5.

On the other hand, big children, teens, and adults will do best with a tog rating that is 7.5, 10.5 or above during cold winter months.

Since buying different duvets with different Togs is not convenient in terms of time and money, if you want to invest in a good all-year-round Tog rating, a 10.5 Tog makes a solid investment.

What about the price of duvets with different TOG Ratings?

The TOG rating of each duvet does affect the price you will pay. In general, the higher the TOG rating, the higher the price you will pay. Here are the average prices for each Tog rating so you can get an idea: 

Tog Rating

Average Price Range (Single)

4.5 (Down)

£75 - £200

10.5 (Down)

£100 - £360

13.5 (Down)

£120 - £390

All Seasons 9 + 4.5  (Down)

£160 - £425

If you notice here, duvets with a synthetic material cost a tad less than their natural counterparts, even if they have the same TOG rating, so if your budget is limited, you may invest in a duvet filled with a synthetic material. Otherwise, if you fancy something more luxurious, soft and durable, you may buy something filled with goose feathers & down, like Cuddledown's own Hungarian Goose Down Duvet.

What is the best type of duvet TOG to buy?

If you are still wondering which duvet you should buy, this depends on your bedding needs. For instance, if you are looking for breathability, comfort, and coolness, you should perhaps opt for a duvet made of a synthetic material e.g hollow-fibre that has a tog rating of 4.5 on average. This choice is also ideal for those on a budget. On the other hand, if you want to invest in a good quality duvet that will keep you nice and cozy during the colder season and if you want something that feels extra soft and luxurious, a duvet made with down or feather filling that has a TOG rating of 10.5 or above is the best choice. Duvets with natural fillings tend to cost more but they can last you for a few years, given proper care

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