How to choose the best bedding for the summer season

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With the arrival of summer, what we want most is to be able to sleep fresh every night. It's time to take off our cosy pyjamas, open the windows, plug in the fan and lighten the bedding because the inevitable hot nights have arrived. 

One of the best ways to beat the heat is by using a cool and breathable set of sheets to avoid spending all night suffering. But how do you choose the appropriate bedding for the summer season? Here are some aspects that you should take under consideration before buying your sheets for this season.

It’s all about quality

Being in contact with our skin, synthetic fabric sheets can be uncomfortable when sleeping, as they tend to retain more heat. Natural fibres such as cotton or linen, which respect our skin and allow good breathability, can be a great option.

Cotton is known for being a material that is both breathable and soft. It helps to wick moisture away from the skin, so you never wake up feeling sticky or clammy. Within the cotton category, percale is a great option. The percale weave enhances the fibre’s natural qualities to create light, breathable bedding that stays cool during hotter times of the year and feels remarkably smooth against the skin. Cotton sateen, for its part, provides a soft touch and a special shine to our sheets. They have a high thread count due to the cotton fibres used and are therefore very breathable, making them cool to sleep on.

Finally, linen sheets are a really perfect choice for hot and humid months because they keep you cool when it's hot. Its hollow fibres give it a natural ability to absorb moisture from the air and release it again as humidity levels change, giving you a feeling of freshness during the summer season.

Escape the heat with cooling colours

Colours are also a good temperature regulator, since they are capable of lowering the degrees and providing a sensation of freshness. To add more freshness to your bedroom, go for light colours that will reflect the heat, making it easier to cool down the room. At this point white is king. A bedroom with white bedding gives the feeling of being much cooler than other colours. 

White cotton fabric is also much better than a dyed or printed fabric, as it preserves the organic and natural properties of the cotton fibre, practically unaltered. In addition, if you want to give your bedroom a more summery look, try adding small dashes of cheerful colours such as green, blue or even pastels to decorative accessories, like pillows, paintings or curtains.

The wrong bedding can be a source of sweat, discomfort and sleeplessness. But if you choose your sheets correctly, they can become your best ally to beat the summer heat. Discover our collection of luxury bedding and choose whichever suits you best. Whether you're after the casual feel of linen, the supple smoothness of sateen or the classic lightness of percale, our bedding is crafted for a better sleep all year long. 

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