Is Hungarian Goose Down Cruel?

Is Hungarian Goose Down Cruel?

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You might be concerned about down products and, specifically, how the down might have been sourced. However, Hungary, and other member countries of the European Union, as well as the United Kingdom, have strict rules when it comes to the human treatment of animals. As part of these regulations, down can only be obtained as a byproduct and all the cruel practices associated with down production are legally prohibited.

If you’re considering purchasing Hungarian goose down products as they’re high quality, yet are unsure about how they are sourced, then read our guide below which explains everything you need to know about Hungarian goose down sourcing. 

Why Is Hungarian Goose Down More Humane? 

Goose Down is known for its high-quality, durability and luxury. However, some people may worry about it being cruel or unethical. However, this does not apply to Hungarian goose down. As part of the European Union, Hungary has to adhere to strict rules about the human treatment of animals, and has done so for a number of decades.

In Hungary, there are no farms that raise goose purely for the purpose of sourcing goose down and they never pluck, trim or skin live geese in order to obtain goose down. There are only two ways to obtain Hungarian goose down: the meat industry and natural moulting. 

Hungarian goose down can be collected from the meat industry as a byproduct of the geese which are input for meat. They can also collect any feathers which are naturally shed by geese as they age and then use these for commercial purposes.

All down products in Hungary have to follow the human treatment guidelines. This is also better for customers who want to have high-quality down products without animal animals having been harmed in the process.

Why Is Hungarian Goose Down Superior to Other Types of Birds Down?

Although Hungarian Goose Down is the most luxurious and high-quality down duvet available on the market, it is expensive and not within everyone’s budget. There are, nevertheless, down alternatives - such as other types of bird down. 

For instance, duck down is a far cheaper alternative to goose down. Some companies, however, mislead customers into buying ‘goose’ down products which are actually made from duck down. Duck down, when sourced through a trustworthy company, is not as good quality as goose down but is still more comfortable than other duvet materials, such as ones made from synthetics, wool, feathers and more. 

Hungarian goose down, for example, is known to be lighter, softer and puffier than other bird’s down. Thus, it is more comfortable and of a higher quality. When shopping for down products, make sure you read the small print and if it is within your budget why not opt for goose down? 

One of the reasons why Hungarian goose down is known as the best type of down is that the down clusters are larger and thus more fluffy and warm. Because the down clusters are bigger, fewer of them are needed to fill a duvet - the air particles left in between the clusters mean that the duvet or other product will have greater insulating properties. This is referred to as “fill power” so the fewer the number of down clusters required, the greater the fill power.

Why Should You Choose Hungarian Goose Down?

Aside from being one of the most ethical types of goose down on the market, Hungarian goose down in particular is one of the most luxurious products in the world. Yet, it is still totally affordable.

Hungarian goose down is sourced from geese in the colder climates of Hungary and, as a general rule, the colder the climate, the longer and thicker the goose down. That means that these down clusters are some of the highest quality in the world. 

As a point of comparison, many other types of down come from countries in which geese are bred in tropical countries; subsequently, the clusters are shorter and stubbier and often of a lower quality. 

Hungarian goose down has all of the qualities you need for the best night’s sleep. It is durable, meaning worth investing in, comfortable, luxurious and also easy to maintain. Because Hungarian goose down is durable, it means it will last you much longer than other duvets. It is also easy to wash, so great as an everyday duvet

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